Sunday, March 06, 2005

Places to Live Walkably, Without Car Dependence

Twenty years ago, I gave up my car. The main reasons were economic and environmental, with later recognition of the value of walking for personal health, and its potential in community belongingness.

Looking for a place to live carless was not an easy thing in late 20th century America. I was surprised at how little help was readily and visibly available in that search. Even approximate success was spotty and elusive until very recently. And so this little project was originally designed to help people like myself, who must still be out there looking, maybe more of them than ever in the looming rise of gas prices, global temperatures, and soupy air.

Gradually I realized this notion of improved individual service could also have a broader social purpose. If we can make more people aware of the existence and value of places where they can live less dependent on their cars, and make it easier for them to move to such places, the increased "buy pressure" should free up- additional funding and add political clout for the cause.

But the seminal dilemma remained, for me at least -- maybe not for more resourceful searchers -- the difficulty of finding a comfortable place to live without a car, assuming I wasn't ready to be institutionalized, either, or "intentional community-ized." Part of my problem was not knowing exactly what I was looking for, or even its name (it's really hard to find something you can't even name!)

Eventually, I encountered the name "walkable community" and an excellent organization of that name headquartered in Florida (Walkable Communities, Inc., 320 S. Main St., High Springs, FL 32643). But, the work "walkable" as used by them and other great pioneers in the field didn't get all I came to see as desirable in the concept. Essentially, I wanted something in the name that indicated more the REASONS for walking beyond pleasure and health--a functional walkability if you will.

I started with this somewhat tongue-in-cheek definition: "A residential area where you can get a loaf of bread without getting in your car or getting hit by one."

Now substitute "ordinary daily maintenance needs" for "loaf of bread" and see Figure 1 as a sample, carefully noting the introductory notes. The idea is to be customer-friendly as well as pedestrian friendly, to the extent of ability to get along a couple of weeks or more without needing a car. After this, an excursion will usually be needed "downtown: or to some other larger shopping area for special non-daily shopping needs such as new clothes, a medical appointment, or a concert. Please note: the Figure 1 list is over-complete for any one individual or family. Moreover, the seemingly vast number of products and services can mainly be found in only two or three crucial stores: a large grocery store or moderate-sized supermarket; a drug store/pharmacy; and a dollar store or "5 and 10."

As for "getting in your car," automobiles might be permitted in the area provided their velocity and frequency does not threaten or seriously inconvenience walkers (pedestrian-friendly). Other likely vehicles could be electric carts, wheelchairs, and bicycles (assuming carefully laid out bicycle paths.) I'd be uneasy with skates and skateboards unless very carefully controlled, but maybe that's just showing my age.

I still don’t have a best short name for all this and so will do what young friends of mine did with their firstborn. Horrified grandparents notwithstanding, they simply tried out different names for about six months until all, including the child, were satisfied with one.

For six months now my “research” on walkable-empowered locations has consisted largely of picking people’s brains – a large and impressive group of friends and colleagues living all over the U.S. (see section on Appreciation). The gist of results can be categorized as “good news,” and “bad news,” and “intriguing news.”


A vigorous redesigning of America in favor of the automobile began right after World War II, and I therefore assumed automobile-independent living areas would be rare and exotic today. Astonishingly otherwise, I discovered, is the wide current distribution of living areas with significant walkable-maintenance characteristics. My sense is they are just about everywhere—I have hundreds of probable examples—and can be quite readily identified if you have someone who lives there or nearby, looking for you, as I did. I can’t remember a single care where a person living in an area failed to think of a walkable-maintenance area there or nearby.

For example, at first in my exploration, I saw published only four such “leads” in New Mexico. But because I live here myself, and have many friends who also do, the number has jumped quite easily from four to sixteen! I finally gave up the idea of a directory upon learning from a friend who lived there that Los Angeles and Santa Monica, the very symbols of auto domination over pedestrians, probably have walkaround neighborhoods! course, these living areas are not walkable-maintaining to the same degree, and one frequent suggestion is to design a rating scale of the extent to which comfortable maintenance is possible without car dependency. Real Estate professionals might find such a scale useful, as would potential buyers or renters themselves. But I think it would be hard to reach consensus on such a scale.

Obviously, the above means that a functionally walkable America will depend at lease as much on preserving relevant existing neighborhoods as on creating new ones. The latter, attractive as it may be, is also likely to be exceedingly expensive, and in its rarity, risk tokenism.

Another implication: the originally envisaged directory is no longer a priority. With functionally walkable living areas apparently just about everywhere, the seeker can succeed by connecting with a Real Estate Agent, friend or acquaintance living in the target region or nearby. What might also be useful are hints or predictors suggesting where walkable living areas are likely to be or not to be. Attached to this article are provisional lists of this kind that I would like further comment on…


BAD NEWS (needs more study, though)

There are signs that affordability can become and issue. Given the increasing desirability of living walkable, property values there will tend to increase (see article on “The Economic Benefits of Walkable Communities”) and this increase will, of course, be passed on to buyers or renters in the area. Ditto, the investments necessary to preserve and certainly to build such areas. Further add the strong supposition that smaller neighborhood stores will tend to charge somewhat higher prices than WalMarters will (though I’m ready to argue against that increase being as large as many people think.) Finally, moving to functionally walkable living areas is likely to become an “in” thing, hence expensive, viz the related movement of suburbanites to gentrified inner cities, a la Georgetown, DC.

I have no objection to affluent people enjoying their money, as long as they don’t hurt other people in the process. However, I do object to non-affluent people being excluded, especially when, ironically, they may need such living arrangements, most of all. Notably, the formidable purchase price of reliable cars today may be beyond them, or if not, the cost of maintaining an automobile, once purchased. My short survey on the latter suggests an incredible $2,500-3,000 per year!

I’m not sure what can be done about this. People who already own cars might be able to apply savings on operating the car to any increased costs of living in a functionally walkable area. Major co-op efforts that don’t become expensive and exclusive might also help. But the present political scene does not suggest optimism regarding government grants or subsidies. I wonder if electric cart or bicycle makers would find it of sufficient self-interest to help.

INTRIGUING NEWS -- Mapmakers Beware!

The physical borders of a neighborhood are not always a matter for easy agreement on an objective basis. This kind of uncertainty seems even more prevalent in what we have called “walkaround” locales. I began by suggesting a five-block or quarter-mile kind of range, but how can this be fixed when in some cases the walker is a healthy young resident and in other cases, an ailing elder? Moreover, I have a healthy older friend who loves to ride his bicycle, so apparently for him a “walkable” community can be ten or more miles in extent!! Moreover, as we’ve just indicated, the kinds of things some people want, like a park, might be further afield than the things other people want. The upshot of all this is that the extent of the locale will depend on the individual defining it. The perceived borders of the area could be quite different for two people living in the same house!

--As an intriguing question: if and as what you need for daily living is delivered to your door or nearby, is your living area “walkable” even way out in the country?


Blogger Raines said...

Your 'intriguing question' intrigues me. If you are relying on gas-fueled delivery vehicles, does that negate some of the benefits of living walkably? Do bicycles as a range-extender enter the picture? I've been living bike-ably for a couple of decades now, using a local bicycle delivery service (Pedal Express) for online books from a local independent bookstore, choosing to live in (and help create) cohousing, which has walkability as one of its core principles. By living in the city, near transit and urban cores, I've been able to go carless, use a neighbor's shared truck, do trip-linking, join a car-sharing program, and use bikes+transit multi-modally to go great distances.


10:57 PM  
Anonymous Aspenni said...

Ivan, EXCELLENT BLOG!!! As an avid walker and biker, living in an area that is conducive to both is very important to me. I also find that because I prefer walking or biking I am more aware of what is available in my community, thus providing beneficial information to tourists (and even many non-walking locals!) Thanks for sharing this with us, Ivan!!

8:29 AM  
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Anonymous Daya said...

Great blog Ivan.

Your description of a walkable community--"A residential area where you can get a loaf of bread without getting in your car or getting hit by one."--really hit home and made me laugh.

I have been searching for just such a community for a couple of years now and was beginning to think that my quest was in vain. What is called a "walkable community" in this country is often just one main street that mostly caters to tourists, not really to the needs of residents.

I lived in NYC for 15 years and in Italy for a couple of years, so I have experienced the joy of living carless. My big city days are over--I have become car-dependent again, but I would love to find a home where I can walk to buy my bread agiain (preferably good, crunchy Italian bread).

You really inspired me and I want to thank you for that.

9:30 PM  
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